As the crispness in the morning air announces September has arrived!  Definitely a favourite month as the sun is still shining but the air has a clarity that hints at autumn, encouraging us to savour the sunny days as they arrive.  

The most exciting part of September has to be discovering dreamy sweaters and knits that will become our treasured favourites of the future.  One of the things we love about knitwear is its intrinsically luxurious nature.  If you find the right yarn and the right piece it feels like an extension of oneself, almost like a second skin.  

I have been known to find a knit at the start of the season and unless necessary avoid removing it until occasion, or eventually, the weather insists upon it.  These are the pieces that you know you'll look forward to re-discovering in years to come as the weather cools.  

So whether you love a statement knit, a sweater dress, couture knits, bohemian fringed knits or chunky knits to cocoon yourself within September is the time to discover the luxury piece that will complete your wardrobe this season and beyond.

Claire Andrew